For this exuberant little client, we wanted a room that matched his colorful personality and embraced his love of cars! We had a lot of fun with this multicolored palette, choosing a bold striped rug and a vibrant vintage muscle car wallpaper. A custom daybed in a tweed fabric, loaded with overstuffed stripe pillows gives this little boy a comfy place to sleep and play. Brightly colored orange shades with blackout lining bring the best of both worlds—adding a sunny pop of color while blocking out unwanted light. To balance out the vivid palette, we mixed in a grey rocker and footstool, as well as a coordinating bookshelf and dresser in grey and white. Additional vibrant accents complete the room; with a large photograph of Matchbox Broncos and retro toy cars placed throughout, Devin’s room is also the perfect play space for any little boy.