Sutton Place Dining Room

Sutton Place

"My experience working with Sasha was excellent.  I had a general idea of what I wanted my apartment to look like and she was quite adept at picking up on my point of view and working within that (rather than imposing her taste on me – which was important).  That said, she provided much needed guidance on the details and handled absolutely everything from a logistical perspective (which was essential, since I have zero time to deal with that stuff).  She was also very good at helping me evaluate options by preparing mockups and spending time presenting various combinations for my consideration.  Sasha worked well with my architect and contractors (we did a full gut) and the apartment was essentially perfect on our move in date."     - Edward


"When my wife and I had our second child, we had only a narrow, windowless room to put him in.  We were concerned.  The room was beyond our ability to decorate.  So we declared a state of emergency and brought in Sasha.  She did the impossible.  She took our dark, unfriendly space and turned it into a bright, warm and functional nursery -- perfect in every way for our baby boy.  The room has gone from an apartment eyesore to a space we are very proud of.  And in addition to her professional talent, Sasha also happens to be a lovely person.  She'll make your home look great and become a good friend in the process."     - Emily & Dan

Jonah's Crib

Brooklyn Bridge Living Room

brooklyn bridge park

"There's nothing more intimidating than new construction. With an anticipated move-in date that was continuously in flux and no previous residents to be inspired by, we didn't know where to begin. We had no idea what style furniture we liked, how to lay out the rooms or where to shop. Sasha helped us take one room at a time, starting with our living room where she designed a gorgeous fireplace with built-in drawers. This unit is not only a showstopper, but provides the storage we need to keep toys at bay. From there, the rest of the design came together. She has an exceptional eye and was able to help us decide which pieces were worth the splurge and where we could save. She also helped coordinate all orders, deliveries and installations--making a move when 5 months pregnant less stressful. Our empty apartment quickly became a home. Each room has a distinct feel, but they are cohesive and work together perfectly. Sasha was able to show us the full potential of our apartment, while helping us to discover our style. It's child-friendly, polished and personalized space that is more beautiful than we could have ever imagined."     - Shannon & Jason

John Street

When my husband and I bought our dream apartment, Sasha helped us transform an already beautiful space into an even more beautiful place that we love and call home. She decorated our entire apartment including furniture, custom millwork and fireplace, window treatments, wallpaper, and paint. With Sasha Berlin Design, I was part of the creative process. So not only is my interior design unique, it is also uniquely me. The end result is not merely a design statement, but a reflection of my identity -- from the things that I like, to the way I want my friends and family to feel when they visit my home.

Sasha was super to work with from concept to final product. Her keen eye and expert design sense is beyond compare. She was such fun to work with as well as being a true professional. I would not hesitate in recommending Sasha.     - Becky & John