Designing my own son’s room was exciting, but also challenging. One of the drawbacks of the space was the absence of windows. We used a large round mirror to reflect the light and act as the window in this otherwise dark space. At a mere 100 square feet, I needed to optimize functionality  while making a big style statement. To create a tranquil environment and a sense of airiness, I stuck to a neutral color scheme and played with patterns. The bold oversized wallpaper pulled focus from the room’s shortcomings while visually stretching the space. The smaller plaid in the carpet juxtaposed the generous scale of the wallpaper and gave the room a collegiate feel. To ensure that my son won’t outgrow his room any time soon, all furniture choices were strategic. The classic crib converts to a toddler bed, the changing table becomes a dresser and all of the design elements have a mature feel—including the walnut book ledges and coordinating laser-cut mobile. I peppered the room with Landon’s favorite books and colorful toys for now.